Marcellus of Ancyra
(c.280 - 374)

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MARCELLUS, Bishop of Ancyra in Galatia, appeared as a zealous adherent of the homoousian doctrine at the synods of Nicaea (325), where he met Athanasius, Tyre and Jerusalem (335), hut fell, by his work De subjectione Dornini Christi, written against the Arians, under the suspicion of Sabellianism, and was deposed, by the Council of Constantinople, 336. Eusebius of Caesarea wrote against him, Contra Marcellum and De ecclesiastica theologia; and the copious quotations in the books of Eusebius give a tolerably clear idea of his peculiar theology. After the death of Constantine the Great, he was able to resume his see. Nevertheless, he was again deposed, probably at the same time as Bishop Paulus of Constantinople, and sought refuge in the West. Bishop Julius of Rome recognized him as orthodox; and so did the synod of Sardica, 343. It does not seem, however, that he ever returned to Ancyra; and when, under Constantius, the Arians came into ascendency, he was condemned, together with Athanasius, by the synods of Aries (353) and Milan (355). Even his relation with Athanasius was disturbed by his Sabellianism, though the confession which the Marcellians of Ancyra sent to Athanasius was by him accepted as satisfactory. See Eugenii legatio ad Athanasium, in MONTFAUCON: Nova Coll. Veterum Patrum, ii.; MANSI: Coil. Conc., iii.; and RETTBERG: Marcelliana. After the rupture with Athanasius, he seems to have lived in retirement; and, according to Epiphanius, he died two years before the publication l of Ad. Hær., that is, in 373 or 374. See ZAHN: Marcelius von Ancyra, Gotha, 1867.

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