Minucius Felix
(Late Second or Third Century)

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MINUCIUS FELIX, Marcus, author of the dialogue Octavius, which, in spite of its lack of originality, and profound theological intuition, occupies a prominent place among the ancient apologies of the Latin Church, both on account of its genuine enthusiasm and elegant form, and on account of the clear and pointed manner in which it presents and refutes all the various objections to Christianity at that time circulating among educated Pagans. Of the personal life of the author we only know that he was a successful lawyer in Rome when he was converted to Christianity: even the date of his great work is, somewhat doubtful. Formerly critics generally agreed in placing Minucius between Tertullian and Cyprian. Certain parts of Octavius seem to be based on Tertullian’s Apologeticus, and certain parts of Cyprian’s De idolorum vanitate are evidently borrowed from Octavius. Now, as the Apologeticus was written in 207, and the De idolorum vanitate in 247, Octavius must have been written in the first decades of the third century. In 1762, however, in an epistle Ad Gerhardum Meermann, J. D. Van Hoven drew attention to thc fact that the general state of Christianity, arid the specific Pagan objections to it, such as represented in Octavius, do not correspond to a period so late as the first decades of the third century; and, in course of time, more and more scholars adopted the view that Minucius preceded Tertullian, and wrote his Octavius in the reign of Marcus Aurelius. In 1868, finally, A. Ebert produced almost conclusive evidence in favor of this view by showing that there exists a direct relation between Octavius and Cicero’s De natura deorum, while all the corresponding passages of The Apologeticus seem to have been derived from Octavius. Of the work of Minucius, there exists only one manuscript, which was presented by Leo X. to Francis I. It was first published by Faustus Sabaeus, Rome, 1543, afterwards often; best by Balm, in Corp. Script. EccI. Lat., ii., Vienna, 1867. [There are translations into English in REEVE: Apologies of Justin Martyr, ii., and in vol. 2 of the Writings of Cyprian, in the Ante-Nicene Library, Edinburgh, 1873. See also P. FELICE: Etude sur l’Octavius de Minucius Felix, Blois, 1880; H. KUHN: Der Octacius d. Minucius Felix, Leipzig, 1882.]

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