Edward J Young’s Ph.D. Thesis – Biblical Criticism to the end of the Second Century – Now on-line

I read recently on one of Ben Witherington’s post on Facebook that Gordon Fee’s 1966 Ph.D. Thesis on the Bodmer Papyri was now available on-line (here). This reminded me that some years ago I received permission to place Edward J. Young’s Ph.D. Thesis online.

Edward J. Young, “Biblical Criticism in the Second Century” (Ph.D. diss., The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1943).

The original proved difficult to copy and the photocopy I was sent was consequently of poor quality, so I initially tried to scan and re-type it but was defeated by the hand-written Greek and Hebrew text in the document. So, rather than let this work disappear into obscurity I’ve decided to clean up the copies as much as possible and converted them to OCRed pdfs. I think the text is clear enough to be readable, but is not up to the standard of the other material I host.

You can now download the thesis here.

Public Domain Articles from the Journal of Theological Studies (1899-1909)

The following Public Domain articles from the Journal of Theological Studies relating to early church history are now available on-line in PDF:

William Sanday [1843–1920], “Recent Research on the Origin of the Creed.” Journal of Theological Studies 1 No 1 (Oct. 1899): 3-22.

William Sanday [1843–1920], “Further Research on the History of the Creed,” Journal of Theological Studies 3 No 9 (Oct. 1901): 1-21.

Henry Barclay Swete [1835-1917], “Eucharistic Belief in the Second and Third Centuries,” Journal of Theological Studies 3 No 10 (Oct. 1901): 161-177.

Andrew Ewbank Burn [1864-1927], “The Textus Receptus of the Apostle’s Creed,” Journal of Theological Studies 3 No 12 (July 1902): 481-500.

John Chapman [1885-1934], “The Order of the Treatises and Letters in the MSS of St. Cyprian,” Journal of Theological Studies 4 No 13 (Oct. 1902): 103-123.

Edward William Watson [1859-1936], “Cyprianica,” Journal of Theological Studies 4 No 13 (Oct. 1902): 131.

Edward William Watson [1859-1936], “The Interpolations in St. Cyprian’s De Unitate Ecclesiae,” Journal of Theological Studies 5 No 19 (April 1904): 432-436.

John Chapman [1885-1934], “The Interpolations in St. Cyprian’s De Unitate Ecclesiae,” Journal of Theological Studies 5 No 20 (July 1904): 634-636.

Arthur James Mason [1851-1928], “Note on the Text of the Hymns of Hilary,” Journal of Theological Studies 5 No 20 (July 1904): 636.

Andrew Ewbank Burn [1864-1927], “The Textus Receptus of the Apostle’s Creed,” Journal of Theological Studies 3 No 12 (July 1902): 481-500.

John Chapman [1885-1934], “St Irenaeus on the Dates of the Gospels,” Journal of Theological Studies 6 No 24 (July 1905): 563-599.

Joseph Bickersteth Mayor [1828-1911], “The Epistle of St Jude and the Marcosian Heresy,” Journal of Theological Studies 6 No 24 (July 1905): 569-577.

Arthur Sumner Walpole [1850/51-1920], “Hymns Attributed to Hilary of Poitiers,” Journal of Theological Studies 6 No 24 (July 1905): 599-603.

William Emery Barnes [1859-1939] “The ‘Nicene’ Creed In The Syriac Psalter,” Journal of Theological Studies 7 No 27 (April 1906): 441-449.

John Chapman [1885-1934], “Papias on the Age of our Lord,” Journal of Theological Studies 9 No 33 (Oct. 1907): 42-61.

Cuthbert H. Turner [1860–1930], “Prolegomena To The Testimonia Of St Cyprian. II,” Journal of Theological Studies 9 No 33 (Oct. 1907): 62-87.

Hugh Jackson Lawlor [1860-1938], “The Heresy of the Phrygians,” Journal of Theological Studies 9 No 36 July 1908): 481-499.

Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare [1856-1924], “An Old Armenian Version of Josephus,” Journal of Theological Studies 9 No 36 July 1908): 577-583.

Henry Hoyle Howorth [1842-1923], “The Influence of St Jerome on the Canon of the Western Church. I,” Journal of Theological Studies 10 No 40 (July 1909): 481.

H.N. Bate’s History of the Church to AD 325 now available on-line

The following public domain book is now available on-line in PDF:

H.N. Bate, History Of The Church to A.D. 325, 2nd edn. London: Rivingtons, 1924. Hbk. pp.140.

I remember finding this book extremely helpful when I was studying church history and so was pleased to find that the copyright has expired. It can now be downloaded from here.

Table of Contents

I. The Roman World and the Jewish Religion
II. The Apostolic Age
III. Church and State down to A.D. 112
IV. Jewish Christianity
V. Gnosticism and Montanism
VI. Apologists of the Second Century
VII. Church and State from Hadrian to Commodus
VIII. The Churches of Rome and Alexandria
IX. Church and State from Septimius Severus to Constantine
X. The Council of Nicaea
XI. The Church Calendar
Chronological Table

New Book on the Didache

Thomas O’Loughlin, Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Nottingham has asked me to mention his new book on the Didache:

Thomas O’Loughlin, The Didache: A Window on the Earliest Christians. London: SPCK, 2010. Pbk. ISBN-13: 978-0281059539. pp.256.

Professor O’Loughlin attached a voucher for SPCK online that would give a 20% discount, but Amazon.co.uk offer a 30% discount.

Here is an introductory video which gives you a taste of the book’s content and argument:

September Website News

With new academic year due to begin in the next few weeks I thought it would be good to update my visitors on recent and forthcoming developments across the “Theology on the Web” websites.

File Formats for Articles

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with different formats for the articles I upload. Since I began in 2001 I’ve scanned, OCR’d and then proof-read all the articles that I’ve placed online. This produces very clear text and very small file sizes, but it does have the disadvantage of being very time consuming as well as introducing typos.

The situation is at present that I have a full-time job in a Christian charity, a wife and three little boys, so website work must be confined to my lunch hour or late evenings. Although I received over a million visitors each year only 4 of these support the work regularly on a monthly basis. The two advertisers who paid for space on the websites have decided not to renew this year. All this means is that while I still hope to do this work full-time on the sites at some point there is no prospect of this in the near future on the basis of current funding levels. If you would like to support the development of the sites I suggest a number of ways of doing so here.

This has led me to change the format of the articles I upload to scanned PDF’s with OCR’d text. These retain the original layout, can be searched, cut and pasted and appear in search engines. They can be produced very quickly (I could scan and place online an entire book in a few hours) but the file size is around 15-20 times larger a word-processed version. A few people have complained about this change, but I would rather have the material available now rather in several years time (if ever) even if the format does not please everyone.

New (old!) Journals Online

I have recently completed the entire 11 volumes of the Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society and will be integrating the articles into my site in the next few weeks. Vox Evangelica (which I began working on in 2006) should be complete by the end of next week. I have recently completed a table of contents for the Theological Students Fellowship (TSF) Bulletin (UK) and a number of these articles are now online. Anvil journal recently allowed me to publish around 27 of its articles and these are appearing as permissions from the authors are received. I am now working on a table of contents for Themelios (1962-1974) when it was published by IFES. I hope to be able to place many of these articles online as well in due course in partnership with Tyndale House and the Gospel Coalition.

Missiology Website

Due to my present workload the launch of this site has been put back until sometime next year.


That’s all for now. Remember to subscribe to the site feeds to received the latest news. Thanks for visiting!

The Very Rev Professor Geoffrey W. Bromiley (1915-2009)

I was saddened to hear today of the death of Geoffrey Bromiley on 7th August. Amongst his numerous works he will probably be best remembered for his translations of significant German language works, such as Kittel’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament and Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. He also edited the revised International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. Among the 10 books he himself wrote I have particularly valued his Historical Theology: An Introduction.


I wrote to Professor Bromiley a couple of years ago and obtained his permission to place online all his articles from Evangelical Quarterly which should start to appear on my websites in the next few months.


You can find a bibliography of some of his works here. Fuller Theological Seminary has an obituary here, T & T Clark (who published many of his books) here. Ben Myers has a blog entry here, as does Michael L. Westmoreland-White here and David Guretzki here,