B.H. Streeter on the Origins of Christian Ministry

Burnett Hillman Streeter [1874-1937] is probably best remembered for his work on the Synoptic problem (available here). In this study of the the early church’s ministry he argues that the evidence portrays a diversity in church structures. My thanks to Book Aid’s London bookshop for providing me with a copy of this book to digitise….

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr – A Dialogue With Trypho

Only three works of the Second Century Christian apologist Justin Martyr have survived, two apologies and his Dialogue with Trypho, A Jew. In the Dialogue Justin sets out to convince Trypho (probably a fictional character) that Christianity represents the new law for all people. The work was widely used and influenced later Christian writers. I…


Samuel Cheetham’s Church History

The complete text of Samuel Cheetham’s A History of the Christian Church During the First Six Centuries is available for free download in PDF. The endpiece map showing the┬áCountries reached by Christianity in the First Three Centuries is also available a separate download (but is also included in the main PDF). The folks at LibriVox┬áhave…

Church History

14 Years of Theology on the Web!

Theology on the Web was launched 14 years ago this month. It is exciting to note that this anniversary coincides with three other major milestones in the development of the ministry. There are now over 25,000 free-to-download theological articles hosted on Theology on the Web. 2.3 terabytes of data was downloaded worldwide over the last…

Arianism | Arius

Gwatkin’s Work on Arianism on-line

The following book is now available for free download in PDF: Henry Melvill Gwatkin [1844-1916], The Arian Controversy. London: Longman, Green & Co., 1889. Hbk. pp.176. Chapter I: The Beginnings of Arianism Arianism is extinct only in the sense that it has long ceased to furnish party names. It sprang from permanent tendencies of human…