Irenaeus of Lugdunum (Lyons) by F.R. Montgomery Hitchcock

Ireneaus was a Second Century Bishop of Lugdunum in what is today southern France. He is notable for his missionary activity and for his writings promoting apostolic teaching and refuting heresy. He traced his knowledge of the apostolic teaching through Polycarp of Smyrma back to the Apostle John and was last person we know of who could legitimately make such a claim. Today’s free book is F.R. Montogomery Hitchcock’s detailed study of Irenaeus’s life and teaching. This public domain title was digitised using the copy of the book held in Spurgeon’s College library.

Francis Ryan Montgomery Hitchcock [1867-1951], Irenaeus of Lugdunum. A Study of His Teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1914. Hbk. pp.373. [Click here to visit the download page]

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by H.B. Swete
  1. The Life of Irenaeus
  2. The Teachers of Irenaeus
  3. The Treatise Against the Heresies
  4. The Education of Man
  5. The Rule of Faith
  6. The Omnipotent Father
  7. Man’s Knowledge of God
  8. The Doctrine of the Trinity
  9. The Incarnate Word
  10. The Incarnation and the Atonement
  11. Biblical Views, Interpretation of Scripture, etc.
  12. The Canon of the New Testament
  13. Notes of the Church
  14. The Ministry, Continuity and Orders
  15. The Sacraments of the Church
  16. Psychology, Salvation, Future Hope
  17. The Apostolic Preaching
  18. Gnosticism Ancient and Modern
  19. Creed and Conclusion
  • Excursus. Latin Translation
  • Bibliography
  • Index

A full bibliography of works by and about Irenaeus can be found here

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Denis Minns, Irenaeus: An Introduction. London: T & T Clark, 2010. ISBN: 9780567399526. pp.192.

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Main image: Irenaus, in Church of St Irenaeus, Lyon. Source: Wikipedia

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