Tertullian on the “Prescription” of Heretics

Tertullian of Carthage
Tertullian of Carthage

Today’s free book is an English translation of two of Tertullian of Carthage’s works, On the Testimony of the Soul and On the “Prescription” of Heretics. My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain work available for digitisation.

Thomas Herbert Bindley [1861-1931], translator, Tertullian on the Testimony of the Soul and on the “Prescription” of Heretics. London: SPCK, 1914. Hbk. pp.96. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • General Introduction
    1. Life of Tertullian
    2. THe Karthaginian School of Apologists
    3. The Creed of the North African Church
    4. Tertullian’s Style and Latinity
  1. On the Testimony of the Soul
  2. On the “Prescription” of Heretics

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