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Edward J Young’s Ph.D. Thesis – Biblical Criticism to the end of the Second Century – Now on-line

I read recently on one of Ben Witherington’s post on Facebook that Gordon Fee’s 1966 Ph.D. Thesis on the Bodmer Papyri was now available on-line (here). This reminded me that some years ago I received permission to place Edward J. Young’s Ph.D. Thesis online.

Edward J. Young, “Biblical Criticism in the Second Century” (Ph.D. diss., The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1943).

The original proved difficult to copy and the photocopy I was sent was consequently of poor quality, so I initially tried to scan and re-type it but was defeated by the hand-written Greek and Hebrew text in the document. So, rather than let this work disappear into obscurity I’ve decided to clean up the copies as much as possible and converted them to OCRed pdfs. I think the text is clear enough to be readable, but is not up to the standard of the other material I host.

You can now download the thesis here.

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