Fifty Spiritual Homilies of St. Marcarius the Egyptian. Translations of Christian Literature. Series I: Greek Texts
Arthur James Mason [1851-1928]

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Book Description

Fifty Spiritual Homilies of St. Marcarius the Egyptian. Translations of Christian Literature. Series I: Greek Texts
Publication Year:
Macarius the Egyptian
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Arthur James Mason [1851-1928], Fifty Spiritual Homilies of St. Marcarius the Egyptian

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. The Author
    2. His Writings
    3. His Teaching
    4. The Text and Translations
  1. An allegorical interpretation of the vision described in the prophet Ezekiel
  2. Concerning the kingdom of darkness, that is, of sin, and that God alone is able to take away sin from us, and to deliver us out of the bondage of the evil Prince
  3. That the brethren ought to live in sincerity, simplicity, love, and peace with each other, and to carry on contest and war 'in their inward thoughts
  4. Christians ought to accomplish their race in this world with heed and care, that they may gain heavenly praises from God and angels
  5. A Great difference between Christians and the men of this world. Those who have the spirit of the world are in heart and mind bound in earthly bonds, but the others long after the love of ehe heavenly Father, having Him only before their eyes with much desire
  6. Those who desire to please God, ought to offer their prayers in peace and quietness, in gentleness and wisdom, and not to give scandal to others by the use of loud outcries. The Homily also contains two questions, whether the thrones and crowns are actual created things, and concerning the twelve thrones of Israel
  7. Concerning the loving-kindness of Christ towards men. The Homily also contains certain questions and answers
  8. Concerning things which be/all Christians at prayer, and concerning the measures of perfection, whether it is possible for Christians to reach the perfect measure
  9. That the promises and prophecies of God are accomplished through manifold trial and temptation, and that those who cleave to God alone are delivered from the temptation of the evil one
  10. By lowliness of mind and earnestness the gifts of the Divine grace are preserved, but by pride and sloth they are destroyed
  11. That the power of the Holy Ghost in man's heart is like fire; and what things we need, in order to distinguish the thoughts that spring up in the heart; and concerning the dead serpent fixed by Moses at the top of the pole, which was a type of Christ. The Homily contains two dialogues, one between Christ and the evil one, Satan; the other between sinners and the same
  12. Concerning the state of Adam before he transgressed God's commandment, and after he had lost both his own image and the heavenly. The Homily contains some very profitable questions
  13. What fruit God expects from Christians
  14. Those who give their thoughts and their mind to God do so in the hope that the eyes of their heart may be entightened, and God vouchsafes to them mysteries in the greatest sanctity and purity, and imparts to them of His grace. What we who desire to attain the good things of heaven ouglit to do. Then the apostles and the prophets are compared to the sun's rays coming in at a window. The Homily also teaches what is Satan's"Earth," and what that of the angels, and that both are intangible and invisible
  15. This Homily teaches at large how the soul ought to behave herself in holiness and chastity and purity towards her Spouse Christ Jesus, the Saviour of the world. It contains also certain discussions full of great instruction, viz., Whether at the resurrection all the members are raised up, and a great many more concerning Evil, and Grace, and Free Will, and the dignity of human nature
  16. That spiritual persons are subject to temptations and to the adversities which spring from the first sin
  17. Concerning the spiritual unction of Christians, and their glory, and that without Christ it is impossible to be saved or to become a partaker of eternal life
  18. Concerning the Christian's treasure, which is Christ and the Holy Ghost, who practises them in various ways to come to perfection
  19. Christians who desire to mafle progress and to grow ought to force themselves to every good thing, so as to deliver themselves from indwelling sin, and to be filled with the Holy Ghost
  20. Only Christ, the true Physician of the inner man, can heal the soul, and array it in the garment of grace
  21. A Christian man has a twofold warfare set before him, an inward and an outward, the latter, in withdrawing from earthly distraction; the former, in the heart, against the suggestions of the spirits of wickedness
  22. Concerning the twofold state of those who depart out of this life
  23. As only those born of the seed royal can wear tire costly royal pearl, so only the children of God are al/owed to wear the pearl of heaven
  24. The state of Chtistians is like merchandise, and like leaven. As merchants amass earthly gains, so Christians gather together their thoughts that were scattered about the world. As leaven turns the whole lump into leaven, so the leaven of sin permeates the whole race of Adam; but Christ puts a heavenly leaven of goodness in faithful souls
  25. This Homily teaches that no man, without being strengthened by Christ, is capable of overcoming the stumbling-blocks of the evil one, and what those who desire the divine glory must do. It teaches also that through Adam's disobedience we came down into bondage to carnal passions, from which we are delivered by the mystery that is in the Cross. It instructs us besides that the power of tears and of the divine fire is great
  26. Concerning the worth and value, the power and efficiency of the immortal soul, and how it is tempted by Satan and obtains deliverance from the temptations. It contains also some questions full of very great instruction
  27. This Homily, like the foregoing, describes at length the dignity and status of a Christian man. Then it teaches many use/ul things concerning freewill, intermixing some questions full of divine wisdom
  28. IIOMILY XXVIII This Homily describes and bewails the calamity of the soul, that by reason of sin the Lord does not dwelt in it; and concerning John the Baptist, that none among those born of women is greater than he
  29. God works the dispensations of grace upon manhind after a twofoldl manner, intending to require the fruits of it by a just judgment
  30. The soul that is to enter into the kingdom of God must be born of the Holy Ghost; and how this is effected
  31. The believer ought to be changed in mind, and to gather up all his thoughts in God; for in these all service of God consists
  32. The glory of Christians abides even now in their souls, and will be manifested at the time of resurrection, and wilt glorify their bodies in correspondence with their piety
  33. We ought to pray to God continually and with attention
  34. Concerning the glory of Christians, which shall be vouchsafed to their bodies at the resurrection, and they shall be enlightened, together with the soul
  35. Concerning the old Sabbath and the new
  36. Concerning the twofold resurrection of souls and bodies, and of the.divers glory of the risen
  37. Concerning Paradise and the spiritual law
  38. Great exactness and intelligence is required to discern true Christians, and who these are
  39. Why the Holy Scripture was give to us by God
  40. That all the virtues and all the vices are bound each to other and like a chain are linked one to another
  41. Very deep are the secret chambers of the soul, which grows in proportion with the growth of grace or of wiclwdnesses
  42. Not external things, but infernal, advance or injure a man, namely, the Spirit of grace or the spirit of wickedness
  43. Concerning the progress of a Christian man, the whole power of which depends upon the heart, as is here described in various ways
  44. What change and r'enewal is wrought in a Christian man by Christ, who has healed the afflictions and diseases of the soul
  45. No art, no wealth of this world, but only the appearing of Christ, is able to cure man, whose great kinship with God this Homily sets forth
  46. Concerning the difference between God's word and the world's, and between God's children and, the children of this world
  47. An allegorical interpretation of the things done under the Law
  48. Concerning perfect faith in God
  49. It is not enough to have got rid of the pleasures of this world, unless a man gets the blessedness of the other
  50. It is God that works wonders through His saints
  • Index of Scriptural References

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