The Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries
Adolf von Harnack [1851-1930],

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Book Description

The Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries
Publication Year:
Williams and Norgate
Church History, Early Ehurch
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Adolf von Harnack [1851-1930], The Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries

Table of Contents

  • Book I. Introductory
    1. Judaism: Its Diffusion and Limits
    2. The External Conditions of the World-wide. Expansion of the Christian Religion
    3. The Internal Conditions Determining the World-wide Expansion of the Christian Religion-Religious Syncretism
    4. Jesus Christ and the Universal Mission, According to the Gospels
    5. The Transition from the Jewish to the Gentile Mission
      Excursus. The Alleged Council of the Apostles at Antioch
  • Book II: The Mission-Preaching in Word and Deed
    1. The Religious Characteristics of the Mission-Preaching
    2. The Gospel of the Saviour and of Salvation Excursus. The Conflict with Demons
    3. The Gospel of Love and Charity
    4. The Religion of the Spirit and of Power, of Moral Earnestness and Holiness
    5. Religion of Authority and of Reason, of the Mysteries and of Transcendentalism
    6. The Tidings of the New People and of the Third Race: The Historical and Political Consciousness of Christendom
      Excursus. Christians as s Third Race, in the Judgment of Their Opponents
    7. The Religion of a Book and of a History Realized
    8. The Conflict With Polytheism and Idolatry Epilogue. Christianity in its Completed Form as Syncretistic Religion
  • Book III
    1. The Christian Missionaries (Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers: The Informal Missionaries) Excursus. Travelling: The Exchange of Letters and Literature
    2. Methods of the Mission: Baptism, and the Invasion of Domestic Life
    3. The Names of Christian Believers
      Excursus I. "Friends" (ϕίλοι)
      Excursus Ii. Christian Names
    4. The Organization of the Christian Community, as Bearing Upon the Christian Mission. The Episcopate
      Excursus. Ecclesiastical Organization and The Episcopate, From Pius to Constantine
  • Book IV. The Spread of the Christian Religion
    1. General Evidence for the Extent and Intensity of the Spread of Christianity. The Main Stages in the History of the Mission
    2. On the Inward Spread off Christianity
      1. Among the Cultured Classes (Aristocratic and Official)
      2. At Court
      3. In the Army
      4. Among Women
    3. Extension of Christianity Down to 325 A.D.
      1. Places in Which Christian Communities or Christians Can Be Traced as Early as the First Century (Previous to Trajan)
      2. Places Where Christian Communities Can Be Traced Before 180 A.D. (i.e. Before the Death of Marcus Aurelius)
      3. Places Where Christian Communities can be Shown to Have Existed Previous to 325 A.D. (Council of Nicea); Together with Some Brief Account of the Spread of Christianity Throughout the Various Provinces
        1. Palestine
        2. Phoenicia
        3. Coele-Syria
        4. Cyprus
        5. Enessa and the East (Mesopotamia, Persia, Parthia, and India)
        6. Arabia
        7. Egypt and the Thebais, Libya and Pentapolis
        8. Cicilia
        9. Asia Minor in General
          1. Cappadocia
          2. Armenia, Diopontus, Paphlagonia, Pontus Polemoniactus
          3. Bithynia
          4. Galatia, Phrygia, and Pisidia (with Lycaonia)
          5. Asia (Lydia, Mysia) and Caria
          6. Lycia, Pamphylia, and Isauria
        10. Crete and the Islands
        11. Thrace, Macedonia, Dardania, Epirus, Thessaly, Greece
        12. Moesia and Pannonia, Noricum and Dalmatia
        13. The North and North-West Coasts of the Black Sea
        14. Rome, Middle and Lower Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia
        15. Upper Italy and the Romagna
        16. Gaul, Belgium, Germany, Rhaetia
        17. England
        18. Africa, Numidia, Mauretania, and Tripolitana
        19. Spain
          Appendix. The Spread of Christianity and the Spread of Mithraism
      4. Results
  • Index
    1. New Testament Passages
    2. General
    3. Geographical

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