Church History

Turning Points of General Church History

Today’s free book is Edward Cutt’s survey of church history from the New Testament to the Reformation. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain book available for digitisation.

Edward Lewis Cutts [1824-1908], Turning Points in General Church History. London: SPCK, 1887. Hbk. pp.451. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The World Prepred for the Church
  2. The Church in the Gospels
  3. The Apostolic Church
  4. Sketch of the Roman Empire to the Conversion of Constantine
  5. Nero’s Persecution og the Christians at Rome
  6. Piny’s Letter to Trajan
  7. The Rescript of Hadrian and Martyrdom of Polycarp
  8. The Merchantmen Seeking Godly Pearls
  9. The Martyrs of Vienne
  10. The Churches of Egypt and Africa
  11. The Martyrdom of Perpetua nd Felicitas
  12. Progress of the Church—Martyrdom of Cyprian
  13. THe Diocletian Persecution—THe Conversion of Constantine
  14. The Constitution of the Primitive Church
  15. Relations of Church and State
  16. The Church Buildings—the Catacombs
  17. The Worship of the Primitive Church
  18. Early Heresies and Schisms
  19. Sketch of the Empire from the Death of Constantine to that of Theodosius
  20. The Arian Controversy
  21. The Triumph of the Church
  22. The Extention of the Church Outside the Empire
  23. The Fathers of the Church
  24. Monasticism
  25. The Disruption of the Roman Empire and COnversion of the Barbarians
  26. The Eastern Empire from the Death of Theodosius to that of Justinian
  27. The Second, Third, Fpourth and Fifth General Councils
  28. The Eastern Empire from the Death of Justinian to that of Heraclitus
  29. The Mohammedan Conquests
  30. The Growth of the Papacy
  31. The Empire of CharlemagneThe Fark Ages of the Western Church
  32. The Conversion of the Northern Nations
  33. The Conversion of the Slavonic Nations
  34. The Hilderbrandine Period
  35. The Crusades
  36. The Waldenses and Albigenses
  37. The Popes at Avignon and the Great Schism
  38. The Reforming Councils of the Fifteenth Century
  39. The Greek Empire and Church from Irene to the Fall of the Eastern Empire
  40. Mediaeval Developments
  41. The Reformation

Image credit: An Eastern Roman mosaic showing a basilica with towers, mounted with Christian crosses, 5th century, Louvre – source: Wikipedia

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