Gregory Dix on Papias

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF format: D. Gregory Dix, “The Use and Abuse of Papias on the Fourth Gospel,” Theology 24 (1932): 8-20. The work is out of copyright and can be freely copied.


A possible Ph.D. Thesis for someone

When studying the Montanists we have to recognise that the majority of the information we have comes from their opponents, who recycled the same accusations slightly different forms (See John De Soyres work []). These snippets hardly paint a balanced picture. For example: 1) Monatus was a recent convert [i.e. not grounded in the faith…


W.H.C. Frend dies, aged 89

I was sorry to learn today of the death of Prof. W.H.C. Frend, whose works on early church history I have found invaluable. The Daily Telegraph today has a long obituary: The Rev Prof William Frend, who has died aged 89, combined the roles of Early Christian historian, archaeologist and theologian in a career of…