Church History

Church History to the Separation of East and West

Icon depicting the Emperor Constantine (centre) and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea (325) holding the Niceno–Constantinopolitan Creed of 381 [Source: Wikipedia]

Today’s free book is A.R. Whitham’s survey of the history of the church until the time fo Great Schism in 1054. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

Arthur Richard Whitham [1863-1930], The History of the Christian Church to the Separation of East and West, 4th edn. London: Rivingtons, 1963. Hbk. pp.354. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Way Prepared
  2. The Apostolic Period
  3. The Age of Transition
  4. Early Christian Writings
  5. The Beginnings of Christian Defence
  6. Persecutio and Protest Under the Antonines
  7. Early Heresies
  8. The Church’s Reply to Heresy
  9. Alexandria: Constructive Reply to Heresy and Heathenism
  10. The Early Church at Rome
  11. Third Centiry Persecutions and Their Results
  12. Diocletian: The Great Persecution
  13. Constantine
  14. Arianism
  15. The Council of Nicaea
  16. Arianism After Nicaea. (i) The Arian Attack
  17. Arianism After Nicaea. (i) The Arian Councils
  18. Julian and the PAgan Reaction
  19. The Triumph of Catholicism
  20. The West: S. Ambrose and S. Augustine
  21. S. Jerome and S. Chrystostom
  22. Nestorius and Eutyches
  23. The Fall of the West Empire: The Rise of the Papacy
  24. Monasticism
  25. The East After Chalcedon
  26. Mohammedanism and Iconoclasm
  27. East and West
  • Index
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