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Christian Platonists of Alexandria by Charles Bigg

Today’s free book is Charles Bigg’s detailed lectures on the Christian Platonists of Alexandria, which still provide useful information about the teachings of Philo, Clement of Alexandria and Origen. This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library. Charles Bigg [1840-1908], The Christian Platonists of Alexandria. Being the Bampton Lectures…

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History of the Creeds by Andrew Burn

Andrew Ewbank Burns 1899 Introduction to the Creeds appears to be a comprehensive treatment of the subject. Originally prepared asĀ  course book for students at Cambridge University, the author hoped that his work would also be useful to a wider readership. Andrew Ewbank Burn [1864-1927], An Introduction to the Creeds and to the Te Deum….

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Backhouse & Tylor’s Early Church History to the Time of Constantine

Early Church History to the Death of Constantine was Edward Backhouse’s final work and was completed posthumously by Charles Tylor. Backhouse intended to write church history from the perspective of The Society of Friends (Quakers). His desire, perhaps not fully allowed to himself, was to find out with what early early teachers stigmatised as heretics…

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Travers Smith’s St Basil the Great

The following public domain book is now available for free download in pdf: Richard Travers Smith (1871-1905), St. Basil the Great. London: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 1879. Hbk. pp.232. St. Basil The Great Chapter I Early Life: Athens St. Basil The Great was born about the year 329,of a Christian family, whose…

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H.N. Bate’s History of the Church to AD 325 now available on-line

The following public domain book is now available on-line in PDF: H.N. Bate, History Of The Church to A.D. 325, 2nd edn. London: Rivingtons, 1924. Hbk. pp.140. I remember finding this book extremely helpful when I was studying church history and so was pleased to find that the copyright has expired. It can now be…