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Introduction to Early Christian Books by William John Ferrar

This handy little book provides brief summaries of Christian writers and their writings up to the middle of the Second Century. My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain volume available for digitisation. William John Ferrar [1868-1945], The Early Christian Books. Handbooks of Christian Literature. London: SPCK, 1919. Hbk. pp.108. [Click here to…

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Ancient Catholic Church by Robert Rainy

Today’s free book is Robert Rainy’s comprehensive survey of early church history from the time of the Emperor Trajan to Fourth General Council (98-451 AD). My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of public domain title available for digitisation. Robert Rainy [1826-1906], The Ancient Catholic Church from the Accession of Trajan to the…

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Public Domain Articles from the Journal of Theological Studies (1899-1909)

The following Public Domain articles from the Journal of Theological Studies relating to early church history are now available on-line in PDF: William Sanday [1843–1920], “Recent Research on the Origin of the Creed.” Journal of Theological Studies 1 No 1 (Oct. 1899): 3-22. William Sanday [1843–1920], “Further Research on the History of the Creed,” Journal…


Gregory Dix on Papias

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF format: D. Gregory Dix, “The Use and Abuse of Papias on the Fourth Gospel,” Theology 24 (1932): 8-20. The work is out of copyright and can be freely copied.