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Early Church and the World by C J Cadoux

In this book C.J. Cadoux traces the development of Christian attitudes to the Roman Empire, heathen religions, war, family-life, poverty and slavery during the first four centuries of the Church. This public domain volume was digitised from a copy held in Spurgeon’s College Library. Cecil John Cadoux [1883–1947], The Early Church and the World. A…

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Ancient Catholic Church by Robert Rainy

Today’s free book is Robert Rainy’s comprehensive survey of early church history from the time of the Emperor Trajan to Fourth General Council (98-451 AD). My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of public domain title available for digitisation. Robert Rainy [1826-1906], The Ancient Catholic Church from the Accession of Trajan to the…

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Studies in Tertullian and Augustine by B B Warfield

Today’s free book is a collection of articles by B.B. Warfield on Tertullian and Augustine that previously appeared in a variety of books. According to Stanford University’s Copyright renewal database, the copyright on this US publication was never renewed, so it is in the public domain. This book was digitised from a copy held in…

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Backhouse & Tylor’s Early Church History to the Time of Constantine

Early Church History to the Death of Constantine was Edward Backhouse’s final work and was completed posthumously by Charles Tylor. Backhouse intended to write church history from the perspective of The Society of Friends (Quakers). His desire, perhaps not fully allowed to himself, was to find out with what early early teachers stigmatised as heretics…


B.H. Streeter on the Origins of Christian Ministry

Burnett Hillman Streeter [1874-1937] is probably best remembered for his work on the Synoptic problem (available here). In this study of the the early church’s ministry he argues that the evidence portrays a diversity in church structures. My thanks to Book Aid’s London bookshop for providing me with a copy of this book to digitise….